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NasyidFM, a virtual organization which was formed in December 1, 2006 by brothers Mohd Firdaus Muhammad Yusrin Saparin and Zamri. Organization is divided into two parts, namely the establishment of a Community Board Internet by brother Mohd Yusrin Saparin and Medium Da'wah Through the establishment of Radio by brother Muhammad Firdaus Zamri. Initially, the establishment of the organization's radio began with the words "Nasyeed" or "Nasyid" then followed by FM radio as an icon. Combined "Nasyid" and "FM" the name of the organization established a "NasyidFM".

The main goal is the establishment of this organization, as the role of creating a "Home port" for the missionaries who came from the missionaries of Islam, whether from the artist nasyid, or Islamic religious scholars who educated-class professional with a sincere intent to foster and preached among ukhuwah one another.

Based on the theme "Last Entertainment Platform" which means, a channel and a new runway to the missionaries in the electronic media presents a reminder shaped religious and spiritual advice, can indirectly guide and educate the community. Not limited to specific groups only, the existence of the organization is open to all levels of society regardless of race, citizenship, religion or some of which can be open to the public that non-Muslim religion to recognize.

Social activities conducted by the organization is not focused on the medium of "virtual" alone but also carry out these activities in the form of reality entertainment channels such as concerts, lectures at the mosque or prayer room, discussion forums and through discussion, the meeting between the players through the art meeting annual indirectly, all the activities held to foster a more ukhuwah already gone in cyberspace.

After a year of NasyidFM establishment, this organization continues to unfold step by establishing community portal "Nasyid & Friends". The main objective of the establishment of community portals in line with the main goal of the organization NasyidFM foster ukhuwah while improving the religious and spiritual activities in cyberspace. Interactive service provided on the portal are free, such as chat rooms, discussion, forums, blogs, voting boxes, photo gallery, program activities and latest developments in Malaysia artis nasyid whether or overseas.
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